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HBIC Organization and Program Needs

There are SO MANY WAYS you can help support our children, young adults, and adults

Monetary Donations

Cash donations of any denomination are always greatly appreciated.

Gas Card(s) Donation

Gas cards are used to fuel the vans that take our students on outings in the community.


Underwear of all all sizes are needed to keep on hand when students have accidents.

Latex Free Gloves

Latex free gloves (size S,M,L and XL) are worn daily by all staff members.

Volunteer at an event

Please consider volunteering at one of our  annual GALA or POKER tournament.

Gift Cards

Gifts cards to various stores and restaurants are needed for our auction and raffle prizes.

Baby Wipes

Many of our students wear diapers and baby wipes are always necessary.


Microwaves are used daily to prepare warm lunches for our students and staff.

Office Supplies Donation

Reams of paper, pens, Sharpies, EXPO markers, and laminating sheets are regularly needed.

Bath Towels

New or used bath towels are regularly needed to help clean up student messes on campus.

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are needed to keep all surfaces such as desks and counters clean.


Our fridges are out dated and new energy efficient models would save us money.

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