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The goal of the HBIC-ADP is to provide clients with the highest level of quality training, addressing the areas of community integration, independence, vocational training/job placement, and positive behavior support.  In the environment of a hybrid program (site based and community) we continue the overall philosophy that “All individuals have the RIGHT and the ABILITY to learn."​

Our Services:


Focus Areas include:

  • Money management (use of currency, and maintaining a budget)

  • Time management (use of a weekly schedule, and structured free time)

  • Self-Care (healthy habits and systems to accomplish daily self-care activities)

  • Household Management (completing indoor and outdoor chores)

  • Food Management (planning and preparing basic recipes and shopping for food)

  • Computer Skills

  • Physical Fitness


Focus Areas include:

  • Specialized Job Placement (when/where appropriate and available)

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • On and Off-Campus Work Stimulation that promotes participation in Beautification and Clean-Up of Parks, Beaches, and Community Projects.

  • Assistance with Job Applications as well as On-Job Assistance

community integration

Primary human nature is to become a contributing member of society; to become a part of one's community.  This is promoted in the following ways:

  • Daily Community Based Interactions through first-hand involvement

  • Visits to Libraries, Universities, Parks, and Beaches to promote Daily Integration

  • YMCA Group Membership and Hiking Trails to promote Daily Physical Fitness

  • Weekly visits to Malls, Movies Theaters, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Grocery Stores, and Animal Assisted Therapies

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