With our Behavior Intervention Supervisor being a Certified CPI Instructor, and the remaining members of the Behavior Team being certified in CPI strategies; the behavior team extends program wide support in non-violent crisis prevention techniques. Safety is our main priority.


Our trained behavior team provides ongoing positive behavior support in all classrooms. Many of our students receive direct behavior services; eligible students receive 1:1 instruction within their classroom environment.


Services are individually structured based on an understanding of what antecedent may “trigger” problem behavior and what consequences may reinforce it. Replacement behavior goals are written into the student’s Behavior Intervention Plan and agreed upon at the student’s IEP meeting. All behavioral goals and progress on goals are driven by data that is recorded throughout each student’s school day.


Every student has a right to an education and to a higher quality of life. Our program is person centered and catered to the individual behavioral needs. We focus on the use of positive reinforcement strategies to increase socially appropriate behaviors.


ABA is a science that involves manipulating environmental variables to decrease maladaptive behaviors and increase socially appropriate behaviors. It is rooted in over 50 years of empirical evidence. Applied Behavior Analysis is the foundation of our behavior intervention program at HBIC. Our behavior team receives ongoing training in ABA strategies.


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