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HBIC's Adult Day Program, Emily's Place Universityhas been a long time coming, and it's final here! Just a short time ago, a lease was signed with the East Whittier Friends Church that will give HBIC's new Adult Day Program, Emily's Place University, a home. 

Though the building was basically turn-key, some upgrades had to be made to accommodate our clients. Currently, Far Pointe Construction of La Habra is working on room modifications and getting everything up to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. We foresee a move-in date of mid-October. Until then, you can drive by our new site at 15915 Russell (one block north of Whittier Blvd.) in Whittier.

HBIC’s newly developed Adult Program provides support, community awareness and vocational training to individuals beyond the age of typical special education programs (22+yrs). The primary focus is eventual job placement, allowing the individual to become a productive member of society. Funding will be used for our new Adult Day Program (ADP), Emily's Place University, located in Whittier, CA. As the result of an internal study by BIOLA University, parents/care takers of current and past students indicated the desire for a program that would allow their child to remain with HBIC in a productive & beneficial environment beyond the age of 22 years old; at which time, an individual with a disability is no longer a part of the public education system. 

The mission of the HBIC ADP is to provide quality support for meaningful community integration and employment of people with significant multiple disabilities through person-centered planning, highly qualified staff, and growth opportunities for all. Integrated Employment is the main focus of the program with opportunities for placement in a variety of job areas including clerical, food services, janitorial services and flyer distribution. Volunteer work is also done at local non-profit agencies, restaurants and local senior care facilities. Community integrated activities include pedestrian training, money management, schedule/time management, recreation/leisure, and community interaction. Community training is functional and is based on individual needs. 

The HBIC Adult Day Program provides ongoing staff and job coach support with a staff-to-consumer ratio no greater than 1:3, with the exception of a small percentage of consumers requiring 1:1 support.
15915 Russell St., Whittier, California
Emily's Story
At just four years old, Emily was diagnosed with a massive tumor located in her brain. In 1997, just a few years later, on Thanksgiving Day, Emily suffered her first of many severe seizures. These lead to adverse behaviors and nearly a complete loss of vision, among other difficulties. 

Because of her specific and special needs, Emily was in-and-out of various public and private school programs from 1st grade to 8th grade; none of which were able to care for and help Emily continue to develop. It was at this point she and family came to HBIC’s day school program, The Cleta Harder School….and she thrived! 

When it became apparent they had found the right place, Emily’s parents began to focus on the day she (Emily) would turn 22 and would no longer be eligible for the Cleta Harder School. It was with this thought that HBIC began developing the Adult Day Program. 

Emily succumbed to her seizures and complications in 2010, but our vision of the Adult Day Program, appropriately named “Emily’s Place University,” has come to fruition. It is in her memory and spirit that adults with disabilities will have appropriate opportunities to continue to grow and develop as independent, contributing members of society.
For more Information on Emily's Place Adult Day Program and the service offered,
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